Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Shining (1980) film torrent

The Shining (1980)




  (novel), (screenplay), 1 more credit »


 Horror | Mystery

Release Date:

 23 May 1980
Ratings: 8.5/10

A man, his wife and son become the winter custodians of a cut off hotel where Danny, the son, sees worrying visions of the hotel's past using a telepathic gift known as "The Shining". The father, Jack Torrance, is underway in a script assignment when he gradually slips into madness as a result of cabin fever and former guests of the hotel's ghosts. After being convinced by a waiter's ghost to "correct" the family, Jack goes totally insane. The only thing that can accumulate Danny and his mother is "The Shining".

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